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Why Are Tech Recruiters So Annoying?

Picture this: An unprompted Teams meeting shows up one morning on your calendar for that afternoon. When you join the meeting, you see 400 other team members’ faces on your laptop screen. You’re scanning the familiar and not-so-familiar faces of your megacorporation when you spot Susan from HR. Susan says all of your roles have […]

ChatGPT: Is It Making Us Dumber or Smarter? 

Chances are if you’re reading this blog post, you’ve become familiar with ChatGPT on some level. Since ChatGPT’s launch in late November of 2022, the platform has over 100 million subscribers and 13 million daily users. Like Google, ChatGPT delivers your queue results instantaneously. However, ChatGPT takes it one step further and synthesizes the results […]

Attracting Diverse Engineering Talent

Engineering is one of the broadest skills sets out there. It’s like saying athlete. What kind of engineer are you talking about? Do you want a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, a software engineer, a manufacturing engineer, a computer engineer, or do you want a Front-End Engineer? Did you know there are 16 engineering disciplines […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Business Owner

Starting a business is an exciting time, but it’s also one that comes with a lot of challenges. To set your business up for success, it’s important to avoid some common issues. Let’s take a look at 7 mistakes new business owners often make — and more importantly, how you can avoid making them when […]