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Why Are Tech Recruiters So Annoying?

Picture this: An unprompted Teams meeting shows up one morning on your calendar for that afternoon. When you join the meeting, you see 400 other team members’ faces on your laptop screen. You’re scanning the familiar and not-so-familiar faces of your megacorporation when you spot Susan from HR. Susan says all of your roles have been eliminated. She’s so sorry and wishes you the best of luck in your next venture. The screen goes black.

You’ve worked at the company for years now, so it’s been awhile since you’ve brushed up on your interview skills and you realized the job market has changed tremendously. You pop on Indeed and apply to 200 tech jobs. The first job puts you through 5 rounds of interviews before they thank you for your time and let you know they decided to go in a different direction. The second job calls you once, gets your voicemail, and never picks up your return calls. The third job calls you and sounds desperate to get people in the door, doubtlessly suffering from high turnover due to horrible management.

So, you decide to put your status as #opentowork on LinkedIn. Almost immediately, 50 tech recruiters flood your inbox saying they are so impressed with your background and show you a job that does not align with your skillset. It’s no wonder most of the time when people think of recruiters, they cringe. Non-existent jobs and endless cycles of interviews all just to end up getting ghosted by said recruiter in the end.

Well, we hear you at TTG.

The reason we know this is by caring about our candidates’ experience and striving to make the process as painless as possible. It’s likely that you’ve been through enough to be on the job market again. We understand that it can be a tedious process.

That’s why we have a strict policy of transparency with our clients and our candidates about delivering updates throughout the hiring process. Being honest with your candidates can build rapport and open up unlimited opportunities for both parties. We know this, and we pride ourselves on prompt and honest feedback by being professionally persistent with our clients.

We are also always moving towards continuous improvement, so we welcome your feedback with open arms. From the get-go, we ask the right questions and dig deeper on the front-end screening so that we know the jobs that we present to you make sense for what you are looking for in your next role and utilize your skillset.

We cultivate relationships with the hiring managers and the department managers to know exactly what the hiring process and the job itself will entail. These relationships allow you to skip the line straight to the hiring manager, and our recruiters will help you prepare for the interview so you can land the job you deserve and the pay you deserve.

So, break up with your annoying tech recruiter, and submit your resume to TTG today.