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Our experienced recruiters provide top quality tech talent in nearly every industry.
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Aerospace / Defense

Let us help with your next mission. Whether it’s landing on the moon, developing missile defense systems, or streamlining radar systems, our recruiters are experts in keeping the aerospace and defense industry secure and inventive. If you need a new software engineer, aerospace engineer, project manager, or research scientist, our team is ready to assist.


Let’s gear up for a greener future. We know how competitive the automotive industry is with producing new technologies that will change the future on roads everywhere. That’s why we want to help you find the right team to put your company on the fast track to success. Contact TTG to find your next mechanical, electrical, software, or test engineer.
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Let’s build together. At TTG, we know how important the manufacturing process is to providing essential goods for everyday life. That’s why we seek to bring together teams that can keep that process moving towards the future. We serve all subdivisions of manufacturing including electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more from R&D, materials sourcing, production, quality assurance, and distribution.


Let’s drive innovation together. With exciting new advances in electric vehicles, self-driving vehicles, ITS, traffic control, and ride-sharing services, we seek to use our database of tech professionals to keep making the transportation industry better, safer, and more sustainable. Our team of recruiters specializes in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, data analytics, computer programming, cybersecurity, and much more, so let us take the wheel on your hiring journey.
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Let us treat your hiring needs. With the implementation of EHRs, telemedicine, medical devices, AI, and blockchain technologies, the world of healthcare is changing at a rapid pace, and we can help your company keep up with the changing landscape to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and efficient for all with the addition of a new Health Information Manager, Healthcare Data Analyst, Medical Device Engineer, Healthcare IT Project Manager, or Healthcare Software Developer.

Life Sciences

Let’s research a new way to grow your team. New advances in life sciences are critical to developing better longevity and quality of life. We understand how important your contributions are to improving human life, so we know how important it is to have the right people on your team. We can find your newest R&D scientist, bioinformaticians, bio statisticians, quality control specialists, or research IT specialists to put your research at the forefront of scientific journals.

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Financial Services

Let’s decrease risk together. With our contract and contract to hire models for hiring new talent, we can help grow your team while minimizing your risk and liability before your employees provide tangible returns on investment. Since there are so many new ways to automate how people use, access, and manage financial services, it’s important to have employees that keep you safe. We can do the work to find your new software developer, data analyst, UX designer, or cybersecurity specialist.

Environmental Services

Let’s create a more sustainable future together. Until we successfully colonize Mars, we’ve only got one planet to cultivate a future for generations to come. That’s why renewable energy, waste management, carbon capture, sustainable agriculture, and water conservation efforts do not go unnoticed here at TTG. We want to help maintain the world for decades to come by finding you your next environmental engineer, data scientist, environmental data analyst, or sustainability manager.

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Let’s make TTG your first resort option for staffing. To stay competitive with other mainstream hotels and online platforms, we know it’s important to have real-time systems for online booking, mobile applications for check in/check out, and data analytics for guest preferences to create a more personalized, efficient, and engaging guest experience. IT managers, data analysts, UX designers, mobile app developers, and robotics engineers can all help give you an edge in hospitality and keep guests choosing you for years to come, so let’s partner to find them for you.

Energy Utilities / Renewables

Let’s renew your approach to hiring. With growing concerns about climate change coming to light, the demand for renewable energy sources is also expanding. Smart grids, solar, wind, and hydroelectric power sources, hydrogen fuel cells, and blockchain technologies can help reduce cost and promote sustainability. This type of innovation requires team effort, so let us find you the brightest minds in renewable energy engineering, energy storage engineering, power system engineering, Smart Grid engineering, or data analytics to create a better future for all of us.

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