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An Agile Approach to Recruiting

Technical Talent Group provides full service staffing solutions from Contractors to Direct Hires. We take an agile approach to recruiting, enabling us to provide rapid results to clients and candidates.   

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In the technology sector, we know how efficient and effective the Agile methodology is for delivering results. Technical Talent Group leverages our 7-step Agile Recruiting Model to streamline your hiring process. This model is used by many companies to tackle projects or to keep people on contract for longer periods of time. We don't just post a pay rate send you the resumes, TTG finds you the ideal candidates and hires them on our payroll. You manage the contract employee on a day-to-day basis, but Technical Talent Group takes care of all the necessary onboarding paperwork and payroll services for as long as your company needs.

Full-time TTG contractors are eligible for Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits, all managed and provided by our team.


Technical Talent Group will utilize our Agile Recruitment Model to identify and hire the right person for you long-term. The employee will work on contract with Technical Talent Group for a set duration of your choosing. After the contract duration has been met, you can hire the candidate without a fee, or you can decide to leave them on contract. We know how costly onboarding can be, especially when attrition occurs, and candidates may fail to deliver on technical skills shortly after their hire date or deep into a project. Let us take on the burden for you until you are positive that a candidate is the great addition to your team that you’ve been searching for.

Full-time TTG contractors are eligible for Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits, all managed and provided by our team.

Direct Hire

The traditional approach to a staffing partnership. TTG handles sourcing and recruiting qualified candidates for your business based on your requirements, and you onboard them directly to your team. Chances are your HR team may be looking for a specific skillset, posting open positions on your website or external job boards. These positions are likely either flooded with applicants to sort through, or they don’t get a qualified new applicant for weeks. Let TTG’s expert recruiters do the sourcing, selection, and screening for you to make this process as lean as possible, saving you the time and the headache of combing through applications.

retained search

Looking to elevate the leadership in your company? Let TTG help you level up by doing the work for you. We understand the success of your company hinges on the strength of your leadership team. Attracting top-tier executive talent who can drive innovation, navigate challenges, and provide growth is what our experienced search team does everyday. We are committed to understanding your company culture, objectives, and talent requirements to find the most qualified candidate that also aligns with your company's culture and values. We exercise confidentiality and discretion with everyone.

statement of work (sow)

Finding the right talent for project staffing is a roadblock we are familiar with at TTG. We understand that every project has it uniqueness and specialized skills needed to complete a project. TTG offers SOW services to assist clients with their project needs. Whether a niche project or specific skills to fulfill key requirements, our team of skilled experts can help you navigate the complexities of project staffing. Our team works closely with you to understand your project's objectives, scope, and requirements to ensure every detailed is captured accurately. Our recruiters specialize in identifying and vetting candidates with the specific skills and expertise needed for projects.

Payroll Services

TTG is here to help you as an employer of record. We can bring continuity to any contractors you have working for you and consolidate them on to one vendor. Our team can take on back office administrative duties related to payroll and benefits, freeing up your human resources team to focus on core activities. We’ll handle employee classification, clerical work, relationship management, and payrolling services for your independent contractors, part-time employees, freelancers, and temporary employees so you can focus on growth. Full-time TTG contractors are eligible for Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits, all managed and provided by our team.